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When my clients are ready to get out and look at different properties, I often encounter different anxieties: First, a client finds their dream home right away, the first or second time we go out looking at homes. They fear that it’s all happened too fast, that they are making a rushed decision.  So they think they should keep looking at other homes to settle their minds, or perhaps to find something even better, and what happens?  Their ideal house sells to someone else!

The other type of client has a clear vision of what they are looking for, or some very specific needs, and they worry about whether or not they will even be able to find the right home.  Again and again they go out looking only to find out that the properties don’t quite fit what they are looking for.  It is easy for discouragement to set it.  They worry they will never find the right home.

Although I will never strong arm you to purchase a certain property, my job is to be listening to you throughout the process and getting to know your preferences better with every property we see together, so that when the time comes, I am able to help you make a good decision.  Sometimes making a good decision means making a quick decision on one of the first properties we see.  If that is the case, I will often give you a nudge to validate that this is “the one” and based on all our discussions and what I have learned about you, that it’s OK to move forward and buy this home.  It is the one.

Sometimes making a good decision means working through all of your wants and needs to focus on those things most important to you so that you can let go of other things that are less important.  Sometimes finding the right home means making a tough compromise.  My role in those situations is often to have that “heart-to-heart” discussion about what “wants” you are willing to let go of in order to find a home that is the best fit.  At almost every price level there is some sort of compromise when you are buying a home. Sometimes my role is to encourage you to keep looking because my experience tells me that the right property will come along.  It just isn’t available now.

I am able to help you find your perfect home because I take the time to review with you all your plans and goals and to prepare you financially and emotionally, so that when the right home for you comes along you’ll be ready to act confidently and without regret.

I am not an advocate of impulse buying. One of the hardest things to do when looking for a home is to remain objective. It’s easy to fall in love with a home’s appearance, but it’s also really important to look beyond appearances, because they can be deceiving.

Here are some things to keep in mind when viewing a home:

General upkeep – is the home dirty or cluttered? Are the lawns uncut? If the owner hasn’t bothered to keep the house looking clean and attractive, what problems could be lurking below the surface?

Water leaks – water rots wood, undermines foundations, and leads to mold and mildew.

Re-shingling a house or repairing a cracked foundation to stop water leaks can be very expensive. Stains, bulges and other signs of damage on ceilings or walls, and loose crumbling grout around bathroom & kitchen tiles could mean leaking water. It takes an expert eye to find many water leaks, so I always advise having a home inspection done.

Does it work? – where possible, test the lights, faucets, toilets, furnace, air conditioning, and all major appliances that will be included with the home. Make sure everything is working as it should.  Again, this is another area where the services of a home inspector are invaluable.

Floors – should be smooth, even, and solid, otherwise, repairs may be needed.

Doors and windows – should fit snugly and operate smoothly. Look for flaked paint and loose caulking. Check for drafts.

Outside – walk around the yard looking for areas where water might collect. Soggy areas near the foundation indicate poor drainage.

Look for deep cracks in the foundations or loose mortar and bricks.

Be sure to bring a measuring tape if you have big items such as a piano or a sectional that you want to keep.

Though I’ve personally toured and inspected numerous homes over the years, nothing can replace the expert opinion of a qualified Home Inspector. Home inspectors can spot problems that I would not be able to find and they can usually advise you on how much it will cost to make the repairs, or when you need to seek out a more specialized opinion.  If there are problems, know that you will have the right clauses in your Agreement of Purchase and Sale to protect your interests.  We will either seek some remedy that fixes the problem; or we will decide that the problem is such that you need to walk away from the deal.  Either way, I will be in your corner throughout the process.




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