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The Summerside Neighbourhood

Summerside is a newer development that has been growing at London’s southeast edge of the city for a number of years.  Beginning as a Z-Group planned community, Summerside holds a lot of appeal for those who wish to live in London, but whose work carries them to neighbouring communities such as St. Thomas, Ingersoll or Woodstock.  Summerside offers easy access to the highway and quick access to much of the city along both Highbury Road and Veteran’s Memorial Parkway.  As a result, even though it is at the edge of the city, the community has quick access to shopping and amenities.  It is a popular area for young families as the neighbourhood develops and matures.


Meadowlily Woods

Meadowlily Woods Environmentally Significant Area (ESA) is located in east London near Commissioners Road and Meadowlily Road, east of Highbury Avenue. The Meadowlily Bridge (c. 1910) at the foot of Meadowlily Road provides pedestrian access to the ESA from the Thames Valley Parkway trail system.

The publicly-owned portion of the ESA covers 44 ha. The site contains marshes and floodplain woods along the Thames River, old fields, shrub thickets and mature woodlands on higher, rolling land, and some active and retired agricultural fields.  To the west of Meadowlily Road along the Thames is the Meadowlily Nature Preserve, owned by the Thames Talbot Land Trust. The public is allowed to hike the trail through the preserve


Meadowlily ESA Trail Map


The map shows the access points and trail system. The main access point is on Meadowlily Road not far from the river. About 4 km of trails loop through the ESA on gently sloping terrain. The managed trails are marked with yellow blazes painted on the trees.

Over 60 archaeological sites are documented in the Meadowlily area, especially on the Ingersoll Moraine. These sites span the entire 11,000 years of prehistory and include everything from camps to villages, and sites where other objects have been found.

In the early 19th century, private homes for commissioned officers were built along the east end of Commissioners Road. One such house was built in 1848 on Park Farm. This farm was sold to the Fraser family in 1908. Portions of the property were used for farming, but the wooded areas were protected by Harrison Fraser, who tended the area until his death in 1982. At that time, the City of London obtained his land. The Park Farm estate has been maintained and its future use is under review.

Source: Thames Valley Conservation Authority


Parks and Other Places of Interest

Summerside is home to the City Wide Sports Park, the Meadowgate Soccer Fields, MeadowGate Park as well as a number of unnamed green spaces and parks.



The area is serviced by Summerside Public School, Ecole Secondaire Gabriel-Dumont French First Language Secondary School and Saint-Jean-de-Brebeauf Catholic French First Language School.





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