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You have decided that now is the time to list your home for sale.  I will become apparent very quickly that there’s a lot of paperwork involved in listing and selling a house. Most people only every see the document involved in the sale of a house a few times in their life and these documents are constantly being refined to meet new circumstances.  Even when you have bought a sold a couple of houses, they can still look unfamiliar.  I believe that an informed client makes the best decisions and so to help you grow in understanding and get the edge over other sellers, I’ve placed the commonly used here for you to preview.  If you’re putting your home on the market, together we’ll fill out and sign the following forms:

iStock_000004621942XSmallLISTING AGREEMENT — This form is a contract between the seller and the real estate company, allowing the Realtor to act on the seller’s behalf when listing their property on the open market.  I details what property will be for sale, what the list price will be, how long the house will be offered for sale, how much the listing brokerage will receive in commission and how much commission will be offered to other brokerages to bring a buyer.

MLS DATA INFORMATION SHEET (FREEHOLD); MLS DATA INFORMATION SHEET (CONDOMINIUM) — This form describes in detail the interior and exterior features of the property to be listed for sale, including financial data such as the annual taxes.  It will also include the room sizes and legal information necessary to prepare an Agreement of Purchase and Sale

WORKING WITH A REALTOR — This brief form outlines the different ways that a Realtor can interact with clients and customers and encourages a conversation about what it means to work with a Real Estate Agent.

FINTRAC This form asks the Seller to provide personal identification as a way to help prevent money laundering through Real Estate.

When an offer is made on your house, these are the forms we’ll need to fill out and sign:

AGREEMENT OF PURCHASE AND SALE – FREEHOLD PROPERTY A comprehensive document describing the particulars of a real estate transaction and stipulating the terms and conditions of the sale.

AGREEMENT OF PURCHASE AND SALE – CONDOMINIUM A comprehensive document describing the particulars of a real estate transaction and stipulating the terms and conditions of the sale.

CONFIRMATION OF COOPERATION This form outlines the arrangement between the two real estate companies and the extent of their cooperation with one another for the purpose of ensuring the clients are treated fairly during the transaction.

WAIVER OR NOTICE OF FULFILMENT — If the offer is conditional, these forms notifies the parties to a transaction that conditions have been satisfied, or that they are waiving their right to enforce the conditions to back out of the deal, so that the deal can proceed towards closing.

Please remember that these forms, which are designed by the Ontario Real Estate Association, do change slightly over time – new versions are usually released at least annually in compliance with new legislation. If you have any questions about what the forms mean in plain English, please let me know!




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