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Now that the deal is firm, most of the remaining arrangements will be handled by a Real Estate Lawyer and by your Banker or Mortgage Broker.  In addition to reviewing your offer and preparing legal documents, the lawyer will also meet with you on closing to fully execute all the documentation and take your keys, carry out the exchange of documents and monies, and receive instructions from you about the sale of your property and discharge of your existing mortgage.

Your lawyer may ask you for the following items and documents:

The most recent survey of your property.  If the Agreement of Purchase and Sale calls for a new survey to be done, it will most often be paid for and dealt with through the Buyer’s Lawyer.

If you’re selling a condo unit,  the address & phone number of the property management company.

The keys to the property

The Agreement of Purchase and Sale.  Most often my office will send a copy of this to your lawyer.

The correct spelling of your name(s), your address and telephone number.

Your forwarding address, if known.

Contact info for the buyer’s lawyer.  My office will send this information to your lawyer.

Your current financing & mortgage information for the house you are selling.  Since your mortgage is registered against the title of the house, the mortgage will have to be cleared from the proceeds of the sale before ownership can be transferred to the Buyers.

Power of Attorney, if applicable

Copies of your most recent: property tax bill, water bill, cable bill, electricity bill, gas bill. If home is oil-heated, you will be required to fill the tank as of closing date (you will be credited for this on the closing adjustments).

You can expect the lawyer’s invaluable service to cost you approximately $600-$1000 for the selling side of the transaction, including disbursements.




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